Friday, August 6, 2010

OK, So it has been a while. Your point?

Apparently it is Breast Feeding Awareness week. Now, I am married to the ultimate Nursing Nazi, so you think I would have found this out before Wednesday evening, and that only because I read something on the internet. Maybe I should go ahead and visit her facebook account once in a while.

Long story short, I really wanted to show her that I love her, and I support the things she loves, so here I am, writing a blog post abou tit. I mean about it. Sorry.

I never really thought about Breastfeeding five years ago. I guess I figured that of course you breastfeed a baby, that's what god put the mammary glands there for, right? The visual affect is nice, granted, but the milk doesn't seem to be for show. So that makes me on the right page at least. Then we found out we were pregnant, and I panicked. Then we were told she was a girl, and I cried. I already loved this unseen child, and played with her constantly, to my wife's chagrin. After she was born I only fell more in love. I wanted the absolute best for her. Whether I could afford it or not, she got the best. Best carseat, mobile, boppy, walker, stroller, you name it. So when my wife did the research and became convinced that Breast Milk is Best for Babies, It became inevitable that she would nurse as long as she wanted.

While we logically knew that this was a good idea, I never expected the emotional connection that this would bring. She grew so close to her mother, I almost got jealous. Daddy and Daughter was supposed to be the primary relationship! But then she started holding my hand while she nursed, or playing with me while she ate. This was way too much fun! How could I ever want to give her a bottle? She was fiendishly devoted to her "yums." And what my daughter wants, Daddy gets her, darn it!

There were bad times too. I wanted access to things that she blocked with all this milk consumption. But realistically, if she was awake, I was playing with her, and if she was asleep, so was my wife. And then there was the unfortunate fact that I simply could not pacify her when she needed to nurse. Daddy can't provide what Daddy ain't got! So I had to learn to improvise new ways to calm and interest her without offering a nipple. We grew even closer, which I never thought possible. She and I are closer in some ways than my wife can ever be with her. Now that she is no longer nursing, my wife has to learn how to anticipate and figure out the problems solutions without Bra stuffers. Point for Dad!

The first time I saw my wife squirt milk into my daughter's ear, I was extremely concerned. When her ear infection was gone the next morning, I had to re-think. Rashes could be cleared up, eye and nose problems, so many things could be fixed with topical application of this amazing substance. My wife is amazing!!

Though my wife and daughter are no longer breastfeeding, my daughter is still in love with her mom's boobs (can I blame her?) and often still cuddles up just as she used to. She is so much bigger now, my little girl.

I heard so often that my daughter would be smarter than her formula- fed counterparts, but I never imagined the disparity would be so great. Perhaps the nutrition, perhaps the bonding time with Mom, but whatever it is, my girly is so far advanced beyond her peers that I feel like there's no hope of her finding a worthy friend.

I'm glad we spent the first years of her childhood giving her the best thing possible. I truly believe that Breast Milk is Best for Babies, especially mine!


  1. You Rock! Love you. You're pretty awesome too. Thanks for all the water bottles and food and clean dishes . . . Thanks for keeping me alive for two years!


  2. Such a great post! If only more men understood that breastfeeding impacts the entire family (and society!).

    Husbands can make or break the breastfeeding relationship based on their support or lack of support. Your wife and daughter are lucky to have you.

  3. I agree with Anonymous. It's hard to keep a relationship going when giving 'the best' is not agreed on. It gets better eventually, but it would have been nice to have gotten support in the beginning.

    Great post!